Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 137

Both joy and sadness have been taking place in life these past few weeks.
I'm joyful because of a man named Jesus. I'm joyful because i have a family to wake up to every morning. I'm joyful because i'll kiss the ocean twice this year. I'm joyful because i have a mom that cooks. I'm joyful because i have the privilege to meet the Redeemer House children in the Winter.
Yet, the world is full of chaos. It has been since forever. But i'm starting to realize it more and more. Shootings, bombings, crashes, political unrest, killings, hurricanes..the list goes on. And with these hard times, God is teaching me to pray. Though i may not be able to help those suffering first hand, prayer can be just as great, if not better. Even though i am 3000 miles from Boston, i can pray. Even when earthquakes hit, i can pray. Even when disaster floods Texas, i can pray.
Despite the danger and heartache that this world has to offer, we can all do our part one way or another. Maybe it's your town or community being burned, or maybe you on the other side of the computer screen. Wherever you are, just know: we are all doing our part to help. God is sovereign and hears the prayers of his children. He's holding the mess together and comforting those who suffer.

"What do we do when the world is on fire? We help put it out together. And we pray for Rain." -Elizabeth

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