Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 130

I think we all can argue that 'our mothers are the best in the entire world'.

Mine makes a mean lemon meringue pie, and has a green thumb when it comes to gardening. My mom is a pro at matching socks after five children. She can cook a meal for fifty, or use all the leftovers no one wants to eat in the fridge.(and make them taste good) My mom can win your mom in a 5k. My mom can navigate her way through an entire different country..and never get lost.

I could keep going, but before this my mom/your mom fight gets out of hand, i just want to say:

I have been realizing this week, that i am a lot like my mom.(minus the green thumb. i kill anything i try to keep alive.) And as i have been growing up, i am so happy and proud and glad to be able to say that now. She has taught me what life is all about as a women. I could say thank you a million times, but not even that would be enough.

My mom is pretty great, and i guess that means i'm gonna be pretty great too.

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