Sponsors & Friends

Calvary Chapel of Crook County is located in Prineville, OR. The saints exists to bring glory to God by being a community of people who have been saved by Jesus work. The church has been a great support towards The Redeemer House Orphanage and is happy to partner with the LBD project for Uganda by spreading the word.

"The Nothings" are a band and close friends of the LBD project for Uganda. They are located in Eugene, OR and go by the names of nat & la(+ one more on the way coming this june!). Not to mention, just about the cutest husband and wife duo out there. When they're not making music in their apartment, you can catch them on the weekend playing a concert at art galleries/coffee shops. They are happy to take part in the year long project. 

"Love and Respect Nowis an organization about relationships and  helping the generation of 18-35 year olds by answering their questions from being single to newly weds. We want to thank "Love and Respect Now" for befriending the project and doing a part in promoting the LBD Project for Uganda on Twitter and other social media sites as well. We are forever grateful. Whether your not married, getting married, or married, you should make your way over to their site and read about some of the love and advice they have to offer. 

We want to thank "The Good Women Project" for joining in on the fun of promoting the LBD Blog on their wonderful blog! The "Good Women Project" are a team of lovely women existing to encourage young ladies to become the girls they desperately wish they could be. They seek to provide a place of trust, honesty, truth and encouragement for all young women between the ages of 14-24.  Everything from the raw questions, the funny questions, the bedroom questions, the I’d-be-so-embarrassed questions, and the no-one-ever-talks-about-this-in-church questions are asked and answered. Women are continually pouring out their hearts for the readers of "The Good Women Project" & it's nothing short of amazing to read. 

Lauren Nicole, now a dear Friend of the LBD Project, has taken part in promoting and spreading the love for us! We are so grateful for the heart of this wonderful woman. Living in Los Angeles, she runs "The Good Women Project" and has a blog of her own that is the beez kneez! She's a clash between southern belle and a west coast mover and shaker with a husband named Max. I don't think this woman could write a post not worth reading.So if I were you, I would make your way over to see what she has to say about life, love, & pain by clicking THIS LINK. You most certainly will not regret it.
Bella is sister of the girl in the little black dress and a key part in the coming together and happenings of the project. She is also one of the main inspiration behind Tatiana's want to do the project. She blogs over at "Bella Nanci" and is an avid writer of fairy tales and novels that will one day be on the shelves at Barnes&Noble. No doubt. I want to thank Bella for being such a huge part in the planning and exciting year long event.
Bella is also the photographer behind the camera in most(if not all) the pictures taken of Tatiana in the little black dress. She will probably appear once or twice in posts expressing gratitude towards her hard work.

If you are interested in sponsoring or promoting the LBD for Uganda Project, please use the e-mail on the 'contact' page and we will get back to you shortly.

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