Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 91

I am tempted to say that spring has officially arrived here, but you never really know what to expect while living in Central Oregon. So for now, let's just be hopeful and in love with the now. A very springish day.

We are still waiting on word regarding the donations. Please continue to pray for us and save up some love, so when we are back and ready to go we can flood RHO missions and these children with a little joy.

I appreciate everyone who has prayed and been following the project lately. I cannot tell you how much joy you all bring to my heart.


  1. I know how you're probably feeling about the link being down...that happened to me around day 92 or so of my dress project and right before I was about to wrap it up. That point when the most donations were going to be coming in. It was hard for me. I pray that Jesus will give you peace and people will still come back to give. I'm so proud of you for doing this!

    1. Elaini, thank you for your sweet words. you have been such a good friend and help to me through this project. and it's nice to have someone that went through the very thing i am right now. i am so grateful for you!

  2. Hello dear! Just saw this. I'm so grateful for you. Sometimes it's hard to see past what's happening right now... The picture that keeps coming to mind to share with you is the one of a rock being dropped into a still pond. The ripples just keep going on and out. We don't know the size of the rock and how far the waves will reach. I'm pretty sure that when you started this though that a big rock got dropped in and will have long and lasting effects for the glory of God. I pray you will not loose heart. Also if you would like to chat just message me on fb dear. xxx