Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 83

Can you believe we are on day 83? I've been miscounting everyday in my head for the past week. It makes me feel good when I find out I am actually a few days ahead of what I thought. And it makes me happy when I think about the 282 days I have left to sport this little black dress and love on the dears in Africa. I will never stop loving them though, not even when this project is done.

We are on our way to planning more videos and concerts in the months to come. If I were you I would be excited. I am.
You can Donate by clicking the above link.(or the word donate.)
If you would like to spread the word and become one of our lovely Sponsors talk to me too!!
If you have a wonderful idea of your own that would benefit the children at Redeemer House Orphanage, shoot me an e-mail on the Contact Page.
I love new ideas and I love these children.

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