Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 69

Words cannot describe how I feel right now. But I promise to try.
I cried this morning.
With my tangled wet hair while standing in the bathroom, I started to cry.

I was suppose to be getting ready for church,

but instead there was a sweet sweet moment where God said,
"I am using you."

And this morning was the first time I realized that.

"I am being used by God." 

I already knew that to a certain extent, but it was different today. I have people tell me all the time that what I am doing for these children is something wonderful. They tell me they are praying for me and they are encouraged by this little project. It brings them joy. I've received message after message telling me those things. But it took me 69 days to realize how real, how raw this really is. It took me 69 days to realize I would do it all over again.(and I'm not even halfway through) It took me 69 days to understand the love that has been given and received.

Thank you Jesus.
Thank you children.
Thank you RHO.
Thank you.
$1230.82 was brought in at the concert last night. That made me cry this morning too. Because I am so glad and blessed by everyone who donated or prayed for the concert and these loves in Africa. I didn't know what to expect. Whether we would make $12 or $1200. I tried not to think about it. But driving home, I sat the floral box of donations in my lap, and I prayed. I am so so glad for willing hearts that love these children. It means so much. Thank you.
Do you like my dirty camera lens and my moves?

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