Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 365

I put my little black dress on for the last time this morning.

It feels like a dream almost. A small-worthwhile-ever-heart-changing dream. I don't believe it. I wish i could properly articulate how i feel right now. What these last 365 days have meant, and who i've become because of these children. There's just over a dozen of them, but that was all it took to change my life. One year & 13 very wonderful children.

I'm realizing how blessed i've been, & how much of a blessing i've had the chance to be for these little ones on the other side of the world. How sometimes deciding to do something hard and out of the ordinary, will become one of the best decisions i've ever made in my entire life. At this very moment, i've come to the conclusion that these past twelve months didn't look anything like i thought they would. They were so much better, so much more. Maybe we didn't finish out by making 10k, but we finished with changed hearts, creating a community that cares, and learning what it really means to give.

You & me together. 

I cannot thank you all enough for caring for these children. For spending a year following what i had to say, even when i had nothing to say at all. For the encouraging notes, e-mails, comments, and prayers that were said and sent. You blew me away. The total on the sidebar will forever just be a number. This was more than the amount of money you gave, more than however many times you clicked the give tab.

This feels like a small family now. You+me+the fatherless.

Good job,
sisters & brothers.
(you made this year count.)

Happy New Year.
Let's celebrate.

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  1. You did it! :D So proud. You've inspired many, including me. :)