Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 335

Happy belated last month of the project! I apologize for the silence the past few days as i've been settling back into home after my long adventure away. Thank you all for the patience and continued prayer for the children in Uganda.
We have reached a total of $2200.36
We've started at 0 and I am so grateful for every generous donation given to help these children the past 11 months. I am so happy for the old friends and new friends that have helped make this little project come true, even if we are far from our original goal. 2k is a dream come true for them(& me)!

My prayer is that December would bring new love and hearts of giving to this project and RHO. Let this be our best month of the year, full of prayers for the little ones across the sea & gifts that just might change someones life. (even if it's just from your change purse) These are some pretty precious children in uganda.

Welcome December!

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