Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 339

I don't know if you've ever stood in a place looking down at a child that had nothing to give you but a hug.

I have. It was sad, but it was also my favourite thing in the world. Every time i went to the village, and children huddled around me, our joy wasn't touchable. I didn't come with gifts or toys or playthings, i came with me. And they were okay with that. And every Sunday evening i would learn and re-learn this standing in the village streets with the children.
They gave me their hand, I taught them a song. They taught me a game, i taught them one. When they laughed, i would laugh. And when they would sit on the side of the dirt road, i would tell them a story.
And it was in the village i realized that giving was so much more then handing someone a tangible item that would eventually break or get old.

I realized that these children that have much less put together than i'll probably ever have in my entire life, gave me more than i ever needed.
I realized that i love giving & i want to give gifts that can make a child's face fill with joy.
I want give them something that can teach them, show them i love them, & help them grow.

We gave what we had at that moment, and it was always enough.
What's in your heart to give?
(A prayer. A dollar. A gift for RHO that will help these children grow in some way shape or form.)
Now is the time...

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