Friday, September 6, 2013

LBD Project Interview: Alice

In the middle of august, a wonderful woman named Alice sent me an e-mail full of sweet encouragement. She told me how she had taken on her own version of the LBD Project and that she aimed to raise 3k for Compassion International from May 19th thru August 11th of 2013. By the end of her three months, $8736 was raised to help build 10 houses for homeless families in Ghana.
I asked Alice to be a part of the LBD Project Interviews because she became a huge inspiration for me as i continued my own project. Alice's story is one that has been so special to read back on and see how the Lord worked in the hearts of everyone that was a part of her journey. It was a joy to see her goal of 3k far surpassed in the short amount of time she spent in the little black dress. 
Here's a little wisdom from the lady that gave a lot to those in need:

1. Why did you decide to do the LBD Project?

Because there are nine year old girls in Brazil who are seven months pregnant, because they were sold into prostitution- because of poverty. I stumbled across the LBD project blog, and thought it was a crazy enough thing to do to raise awareness and funds for beautiful children like those girls. I was so inspired by Tatiana. 

2. Who did you do the project for?

I did the LBD project for Compassion International, of which I am part of the Child Advocates Network.

3. How long did you do the project for?

I did it for three months, over Australia's winter season. My project was a little different, because I was only allowed one pair of shoes, one dress and one cardigan- nothing else. My hat goes off to the ladies championing this for a whole year. Maybe next time! 

4. How did the project change you?

Incredibly. It has been one of the most humbling things I have ever experienced- in so many ways. My understanding of poverty, of giving, and worshiping Jesus has been totally transformed! 

5. What was your hardest challenge?

That would be my own pride, consumerism and lack of faith. Funny how a little black dress can teach you so much! Well...God's spirit taught me so much! The cold, I could bear. Looking disheveled I could handle. Wearing the dress out, completely wet because I didn't have time to dry it- I could manage that. But, the Lord convicted me deeply, of how passionately proud I am, how I must love Jesus more, worship Him more and give Him more- all that I am and all that I have. How could I not? 

And you know...rock climbing. That was awkward. 

6. What is one thing you've learned?

That most clothing is made by a legal slave trade, and I need to know where my clothes are made before I buy them! (Random piece of wisdom from the Lord and some awesome advocates out there) 

7. What advice would you give to someone that would like to do the LBD Project?

Do it!! Choose your dress wisely. Don't buy a thin, $10 dress. Bad move. Be an absolute fool for Christ.

For more of Alice's story, make your way over to her blog: Love for Compassion.

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