Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 233

It has been two days since i've been home. A glorious two days with my sweet family. Full of hugs from my little brother, prayer for Africa, bible study with mama, lemon curd in the fridge, and summer air.
God has been so good in teaching me what holds value in life lately.
I'm enjoying the simple moments for the next twelve days as i get ready to head across the ocean to work with some more beautiful children. Three months i'll be away kissing rosy Romanian cheeks and hearing little laughs. I'm eager and excited for it all. I'm nervous and already miss the people that are so close yet will be so far. But God is so good, all the time.

Preparing for the little orphans in Romania have made me miss the children in Jinja a little more everyday. I know that i don't have definite plans to head to Africa yet, but i grow more excited every time the Lord puts these kids on my heart. Every time i see a photo or status with news of redeemer house nothing but joy floods my face. Someday soon i will see them, and i will do nothing but smile that day.
They are so precious to me.

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