Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29

I spent a whole week + one weekend more with the girl in the little black dress this last month. She is doing wonderfully, making hundreds of friends, and working her summer away in the foggy state of Washington. It seems that there is a walkie talkie attached to her hip or hand in a proverbial manner. 
I lived my week in the kitchen while Tatiana spent most of her hours only a few feet away sanitizing the mile-high piles of dishes that the campers made. 
It was camp life, and it was beautiful.

If you think of Tatiana in the waning weeks of summer, write to her, pray for her, and donate to her cause. 

There are children everywhere. It is so easy to remember that when you are working at a camp and continually surrounded by them. But let's not forget the ones who we've never met, and might never. 
The little ones in Africa. 
Let's make a change.


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