Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Enter July

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for the prayers and support that I have been receiving. As you can probably tell, updates have been few and far in between. I apologize and ask for patience from you. We are all in a very busy part of life right now. But I have been so extremely thankful for the e-mails and words of love.
I am living in Washington and loving the children here at summer camp. It continues to make me even more excited to meet my small ones in Jinja in December. For now, they hang on my wall beside my bed. You will most likely find me running around in my magenta rain boots and my black dress playing games with nine year old. I am really in love with this season of life.
Please continue to pray for me, the children, and the project. And please consider donating. You will not regret it.

Love to you all!

If you would like to help The LBD Project:

You can make a donation by clicking the link.
You can send your checks to:
Redeemer House
PO BOX 1521 

Redmond, OR  97756  

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