Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 31

 So, I'm totally going to bake a cake this weekend.
We have reached day 31, or 1 month, or past the mark of 4 weeks! You can call it whatever you'd like, I just know it's something pretty great. And it has all seemed so short, yet hard, but the most rewarding thing ever. Things are being learned and people met that would never of happened if it wasn't for this little project.

So let's break it down! Here is a little list of things learned, so far. (postscript: okay, maybe some of them are still being worked on.)

1. Always always always pray & be thankful. I have been trying to pray more & trying to be thankful more, but these things I'm learning, learning, and re-learning.
2. Grace & Gracefulness. 
Grace is depth. And I don't understand it nor do I think I will ever be able to comprehend it, but it has been a huge part of this project. 
Gracefulness is stepping of the curb in a strong wind and doing everything in your power to keep your dress from flying up. (I am relatively good at this now.)
3. You can't please all the people. Most are loving and kind, but every once in a while you get some crazy argument about this project that you have every right to believe is crazy. You tell them you are wearing a dress for an entire year, they tell you that's 'gross'. So you tell them you wash it a lot, and they tell you that's 'cheating'. It's a funny game. You don't take things like this to heart.
4. I am blessed and a blessing. Many of your kind words have made me realize these two things.
5. You pretty much already know what you are wearing everyday. This may or may not mean you can sleep in 10 more minutes.

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