Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 16

We are officially half way through January. That's exciting, and encouraging, and scary all together! It has been the most wonderful sixteen days. 
I encourage you to donate to the lovely children. A little, a lot, or a bit here and there. Redeemer House will be so grateful.

Yesterday, I told you I had a little announcement. So here it is!

My dear friend Hana who lives in Michigan decided to do the LBD project as well! You can make your way over to see what she's all about by clicking THIS LINK
She's calling it "The Agape Project". Her heart is wonderful.
She's going to be wearing the same black dress from January 14th-May 1st & all of the money she could be spending on clothes she will be saving and donating it to  India. I encourage you to follow her on her little journey as well!

Happiest Wednesday readers!


  1. That's awesome Tandy! I will make sure to keep Hana in my prayers as well! Tell her good luck from me!(:

    1. I defiantly will mary! Thanks for being a dollface.