Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 18

Update! We are officially at $236.08 for the children at Redeemer House Orphanage! My prayer is that before the end of January we would make it to $1000. What do you say? If you would like to donate click THIS LINK and spread some love. Redeemer House and I would be oh so appreciative of you.

I also have a small story to share from Kathy to you!

"For the last week, Timothy has been with us. He arrived on Saturday to stay with us until a permanent home could be found. He is maybe 14, totally incontinent, nearly non-verbal, doesn't even know his name. He was found on the streets of Kampala last week.

Sometimes people can't understand God's love through what we say - Timothy certainly can't - they can only understand God's love through what we do. I'm certain that's why God brought Timothy to us this week - so that we could learn better how to love people without words. Our most unlikely boy befriended him the first day. Our uncle was amazing with him. And every day we prayed for a home for Timothy, a place where he would be safe and cared for and loved.

Today, a home no one had ever heard of before agreed to take Timothy! They want him! They care for others like him! What amazing people, what an amazing ministry! We all cheered and praised God tonight. God answered prayers for Timothy this week, because He loves him. Just as much as He loves each one of us. To God, everyone matters! Please pray for Timothy in his new home - and pray that we hold on to what we have learned this week about loving others well."

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