Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 161

My backpack is packed(almost, not really..), but it's not to go see my little loves in Africa yet. I'm moving up to Washington next Monday for two months to be an intern at summer camp. I can't promise posts everyday, but i will try my heart out to be as frequent as possible! I will be faithfully running around in my LBD learning what it takes to run a camp.
In the mean time, please please consider donating to the children of Redeemer House!


  1. Where in Washington are you moving to?

    1. Cosmopolis, Washington. I'll be working at Shiloh Bible Camp erika!

    2. Washington is my home state! I'll be praying for a great summer! Hopefully the rain won't get to be too much...

    3. Thanks Erika!
      I love Washington weather, especially in the rain.

  2. Mandy, I hate to see you go:( I will send you letters:)