Monday, December 31, 2012

The Start

I've been counting down the months up until today. I reached number one, yet tomorrow will be the exact same number with a whole different meaning.

This next month or two(or twelve...) will be nonstop made up of love. Love can be a little insane and very selfless at times. That's the best kind of love. The "giving" love. The "it's not about me" sort of love. That's the kind of love i want to show you, and the world, and these children.

So many things i am looking forward to.

Tomorrow marks the first day of 365 that i will be wearing my little black dress. It doesn't feel like I am leaving something behind as much as I am starting something new. It's a happy feeling with a ready heart.

And I am so excited that you are joining me!

See you soon.


  1. I have shared this before. I am proud of you for embarking on this endeavor. Know that I will prayer for you daily and my HOPE is that the Holy Spirit will work mightily through you. May the Lord bless your efforts tenfold and may the outcome exceed anyone's expectation.
    I love you, Dad

  2. So excited to come across your blog--I've been following (ha...stalking?) Elaini's blog since her project began, and I can't wait to keep up with yours! I left most of my heart with a handful of kids over in Luweero, Uganda last summer, and will be headed back in June. I'm not sure what my financial situation will be as I get ready for that, but if I have anything left over, I'll be sending it your way. :)



    1. Beth, thank you so much for the kind words.( said that right.(; elaini's blog is the envy of all young woman.)
      I'm so glad you get to go see your darlings again. I will be praying for your trip!